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What are the fees used for?2019-05-01T15:58:20-04:00

Here is a breakdown of the fees:

-$25 contribution for the site: software licensing and updating, hosting, and security; including hack insurance, daily backups, etc.

-$50 contribution for marketing costs; our biggest expense

-5% transaction fee on online sales to cover bank fees  (note – there is no obligation to complete sales through the site software)

The additional costs of the Advanced Membership cover the additional services you receive from Ottawa Handmade!

How does the membership work?2019-05-01T16:16:24-04:00

What you get:

-You have your own online store, with control over your content, pricing, and shipping locations/methods. All your products are included in the central search system. All markets/events you are participating in will be added to the events calendar.

-Your business and products will be promoted on a rotational basis on our Facebook page and Instagram account. Your events will also be promoted on our Facebook page and Instagram account.

-Access to our Registered Vendors Facebook Group

-Receive insider information about upcoming marketing events in the Ottawa area, including organizer contact info and application deadlines.

-1 on 1 tech support available as needed


What you do:

-Notify me of any events you are participating in so I can add them to the events calendar.  Any information submitted will be uploaded to the site within 48 hours.

-Support each other!  Like each other’s social media pages and accounts.  Share promotional materials provided by Ottawa Handmade on your social media pages and accounts.


Basic Annual Membership:

– You are responsible for setting up your store and uploading all your products.  The software is user friendly and operates similar to Etsy.  There are written instructions/tutorials to help should you need it.

Advanced Annual Membership:

– You are responsible for submitting completed information request forms so that I can setup your store to your specifications and upload your products accurately. You will also need to submit photos of all your products. All information submitted will be uploaded to the site within 48 hours.

How do I get paid?2019-05-01T15:59:39-04:00

Monies earned are paid out on the Monday of each week.  You can choose to be paid by paypal or by etransfer.

Can I cancel my membership?2019-05-01T16:25:52-04:00

We’d hate to see you go!  However, you can cancel your membership at any time.  Please note that the annual fee is only refundable within the first 10 days of signing up.  If you would like to cancel after the 10 day grace period, the annual fee will not be refunded to you.

How will you market / drive traffic to the site?2019-05-01T16:41:54-04:00

Great question!  We are an online market with a target audience of online shoppers, therefor much of our promoting is done online via Facebook, Instagram, and Google.  We are also enlisting flyering services to cover our great city in promotional materials!  Flyers will be posted inside businesses and outside on billboards all over our city.

And don’t forget that the goal of Ottawa Handmade is to create a community of vendors that support one another!  Vendors play a big part in promoting the existence of our shop by letting their customers know their products can be found on Ottawa Handmade.  Vendors can also opt to handout our flyers at their events.  I am always happy to create promotional materials!

Why choose to sell on OttawaHandmade?2019-05-01T16:57:19-04:00

This site is special because it truly is a community.  My goal is to bring together the artisans of the Ottawa area all in one place; a place where we can all support and encourage one another.  A place where we can work together to provide Ottawa with easy and convenient access to quality, locally made products.

We work as a team, and as such, I want your input, your ideas, your questions and your answers.  I want us all to work together to ensure we each get the support we need to make our handmade businesses thrive.  There is power in numbers and together we can dazzle this city with our talents!

Ottawa is an amazing place because people here WANT to support local, and this is the place for them to find us 24/7!